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Windows 10 Upgrade by Magicomp


Upgrades from Older Windows versions to the latest Windows 10. New Installations if you want to start fresh.

Cleaning out any Virus/Spyware. Tune-Ups for speed improvement and more.

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Computer Repairs & Upgrades

Diagnose problems and repair or replace parts as needed. Increase your RAM on your Laptop or Desktop. Upgrade your mechanical Hard Drive to a Solid State (SSD) high speed drive for up to 10x faster speeds and keep all your existing programs and DATA. 

In many cases, we can fix your software issues remotely from our store.

Custom Builds by Magicomp

Custom Builds

Custom built DESKTOP computers to your specifications or recommendations on Laptop brands and specifications to best serve your needs.
We can also customize older machines by upgrading Video Cards, Memory and Hard Drives

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